The Company was founded in 1977 as ACRE Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering Company.

The Company was one of the first few to break into the newly established multi-split type air conditioners market for residential housing projects.

ACRE has won numerous Gold Awards for outstanding sales from Daikin Industries in Japan in the last 20 years.

In 1984, ACRE was incorporated as a Private Limited Company.

ACRE achieved ISO 9002 Certification (company wide) in 1999. In line with a dedication to quality and technology, ACRE has developed a product range that is constantly growing in response to dynamic market changes as well as to meet the needs of customers new and old.

In the last 2 decades, apart from being active in the ACMV related market, ACRE’s business portfolio has also expanded in tandem with the Growing Economy.

ACRE strives to continue making technological advancements by keeping up with current best practices in the various fields to serve its customers better.

ACRE has the capability to design and integrate engineering systems, supply, install, test, commission, service and maintain equipment for bio-safety, bio-containment laboratories, high containment mortuaries/post mortem facilities and animal facilities. It also serves these areas in the respective research & development sectors.

ACRE has a team of well-trained and helpful service/maintenance staff who can be on call 24 hours daily. ACRE’s managers, engineers and technologists have been trained in the USA, U.K., Canada, Australia, Japan and Europe and are familiar with the current technology in the market.


ACRE co-owns Patents with the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore for the following inventions:

Mobile BSL4 Containerized Autopsy Facility

A Mobile BSL2 Containerized Autopsy Facility

Track record

Prestigious projects carried out by ACRE include the fitting out of the technical service and chemical laboratories at the Glaxo-Smith Kline’s facilities in Singapore; the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore, Forensic Medicine Division Central Mortuary and Autopsy Facilities; and the Nanyang Polytechnic’s Life Science Laboratory just to name a few.

ACRE has supplied, installed and commissioned and outfitted many Laboratories in Educational Institutions with TecQuipment (TQ) products from the UK. TQ presented ACRE with an Award for business achievement in recognition of their success in 2005.

For the Life Sciences market, ACRE has installed Flexi-film animal Isolators, supplied Research animal models, diets, and beddings and has also provided health-screening services through Harlan Laboratories, Inc & Harlan Laboratories UK Ltd to the Biopolis and the National University of Singapore.

ACRE also has installations at Mortuaries in most of the Hospitals in Singapore.

ACRE is a registered supplier with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance- Expenditure & procurement Policies Unit (EPPU), which is the Government’s central purchasing arm and also holds a Building and Construction Authority of Singapore
(BCA) registration.

Strategic Alliance

MOU – ACRE has a MOU with the International Centre for Infectious Diseases (ICID) in Canada to jointly pursue projects in bio-safety, bio-security and bio-containment.

Research - Collaboration Agreement

ACRE has a RCA with HSA for the research & Development of "Mobile Containerized Autopsy Facilities."




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